Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Expats, by Chris Pavone

Expats, by Chris Pavone, is about an American family in which the wife and husband have careers they keep secret from one another until everything comes to a head in Europe. Shortly after resigning from her CIA agent position, Kate is surprised when her husband, Dexter, says his job requires them to move to Luxembourg. With two little boys, Kate agrees to make the move only to find intrigue follows. Unsure whether her suspicious nature is making her paranoid or if her snooping is warranted, she nevertheless snoops to uncover one secret after another.

I truly enjoyed watching Kate unravel the mystery surrounding her and found the book difficult to put down, especially during the second half. The author does a remarkable job of making what would seem an unbelievable tale believable by crafting consistent characters with realistic motives. Although I sometimes was jarred by the movement in time and felt the ending was abrupt, I loved the story and would recommend it.